When deleting a user who is the sole owner of passwords I can only transfer the ownership to a different Admin, not myself (2)
As an administrator I can create Users in bulk using CSV (3)
Feature: show all passwords in password list (1)
Password auditing (7)
Add possibility to use TLS for database connection (3)
As an administrator I can create new secret types and define their associated input fields (6)
four eyes principle, automatic password change (1)
Avatars loading over HTTP instead of HTTPS in the online demo (3)
As an admin, retain an escrow copy of users' private keys (7)
As a user I can authenticate using U2F token (11)
Possibility to use Passbolt via Chrome in a private session would be nice (2)
As a user I want to share password to anonymous users (1)
As a user I want to confirm the password I am deleting (1)
Default Operation Request - Initial List Default to "Favorites" or "Items I Own" (2)
Web installer should have an option to skip SMTP configuration (1)
As a logged in user I should be able to add urls longer than 255 characters (2)
Documentation status (3)
As a user I should be able to use passbolt API in a subdirectory (3)
As I user I'd like to be able to see group name on password list (2)
As a user importing records using CSV file I can define an alternate character as delimiter to use for parsing (1)
Passbolt behind NGINX proxy returns "Sorry this application uses javascript. " (4)
As a passbolt admin I like to be notified of new releases (3)
Import from Vaultier (7)
As a logged in user I can check passwords against haveibeenpwnd / pwndpasswords or a local dump of the above (1)
As a logged in user I should be able to change my private/public key (4)
Postgresql support (2)
Random Generate Button (2)
Offline access to password database (2)
As a logged in user I should know if a password is about to expire and should be changed (2)
Vault as backend instead of Mysql (2)