Topic Replies Activity
Information about all shared accounts with user and option to delete the ones not needed 1 April 4, 2019
As a user let me edit the view 1 April 4, 2019
As a user choose your own credential fields on a website 1 April 4, 2019
No copy to clipboard OR Copy to clipboard disabled for passwords 1 April 4, 2019
Support for ECC keys (and not just RSA) 5 April 9, 2019
As a user / admin I would like to be able to login via Azure AD 4 April 3, 2019
Support initial user creation in docker image entrypoint script 2 March 27, 2019
As an admin / security officer, I want to force a user to change a password after a given time 6 March 27, 2019
As a user I can view only my privately owned items 2 March 26, 2019
As an admin I can configure passbolt to use Posgresql as a backend 3 March 23, 2019
Add Digi-ID as 2FA authentication provider 5 March 14, 2019
Allow saving entries with an empty password 1 March 14, 2019
Case sensitive Groups/Users parent group 2 March 13, 2019
As a user I can create resources with encrypted file attachement 5 March 7, 2019
Add tags column in _getGridColumns and split tags after importing kdbx 2 February 28, 2019
As a user I should be able to see the tags associated with a password directly from the grid view 1 February 28, 2019
Onboarding new employee: invitation expires 1 February 21, 2019
As a logged in user I should be able to change my secret key passphrase 1 October 31, 2017
As a logged in user I can organized my passwords using categories in the form of a folder tree 7 February 18, 2019
As password administrator I would like to store the private keys for SSH servers 4 February 18, 2019
Update Firefox logo used on login page 2 February 15, 2019
As an admin I can configure my organization email Notification Settings 2 February 11, 2019
As an anonymous user I can see a feedback if the 3rd Party Cookie test fails on on the login page 3 December 12, 2018
As a logged in user I can see user roles in user workspace 1 November 29, 2018
A way to change a password or create new password with a CLI in passbolt 3 November 28, 2018
As an admin, I can install passbolt without the need of GnuPG extension 10 November 14, 2018
As a normal user I can create groups 1 November 13, 2018
As an admin user I would like to limit sign up to a specified domain 1 October 16, 2018
Allow focusing "Remember for 5 minutes" checkbox with Tab key 1 October 11, 2018
As a user I should be able to use passbolt in another language than english 2 October 3, 2018