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Done! This category contain all the items that were completed.
About the Coming soon! category [Coming soon!] (1)
As a user the passbolt extension can auto-fill / auto-save my passwords in forms ( 2 ) [Coming soon!] (27)
As a user/admin I can access a resource log / change history [Coming soon!] (5)
External link too passwords - possible? [Coming soon!] (4)
As a logged in user I can import my passwords from a CSV file generated by 1password [Done!] (15)
As a user on the password/user workspace I can select all the resources using a checkbox [Done!] (4)
UI - Deleting User - Show Name In Modal [Coming soon!] (2)
Bug with secrets not showing? [Done!] (9)
As a user I want to select multiple records and perform a bulk action these entries [Done!] (10)
As logged in user, I should be able to get passbolt to remember my private key password for more than 5 minutes [Done!] (14)
As an admin creating a group the "all administrators" group is the owner by default [Coming soon!] (1)
As a an admin I should be automatically added/removed to the admin group when my role change [Coming soon!] (1)
As an admin, while deleting a user who is the sole owner of a password that is shared, I should be able to transfer the ownership to another user in order to be able to perform the deletion [Done!] (11)
An admin of I can import people and groups from an LDAP directory [Done!] (8)
Chrome Private Key Download [Done!] (11)
Order by date should not sort alphabetically [Done!] (5)
Fix performance issue on large password database (2k / 4k passwords) ( 2 ) [Coming soon!] (24)
Allow GPG fingerprint to contain spaces or display a warning in healthcheck [Coming soon!] (3)
Passbolt action buttons should be shown on smaller screens [Done!] (3)
Import bug with tags [Done!] (10)
As a logged in user I can import/export keepass files ( 2 ) [Done!] (25)
Exported passwords are wrong [Done!] (3)
Fix sorting by "Modified" or "Last Logged in" Behavior [Coming soon!] (1)
Passbolt should not perform a MX check by default when validating emails adresses [Done!] (7)
As a logged in user doing a "copy to clipboard" action I should see a feedback in a tooltip [Done!] (2)
As a developper I can browse the API documentation [Coming soon!] (5)
Recover account for user from command-line / recover form does not work with passbolt installed in a folder [Coming soon!] (8)
As a user I can manage and organize resources with tags [Done!] (3)
As an admin I can run passbolt using php 7.1 [Done!] (2)
As a logged in user I can use any UTF8 character for resource name, descriptions, comments, etc [Done!] (5)