Access old versions of a password?


after a password was updated, is there a way to access the old version(s)? I see the Activity log, but can’t open or analyze any specific activities.


Hi @malteish Welcome to the forum!

See this for reference As a user I can retrieve previous versions of a password

Thank you! So the answer is “currently not”?

I would say “not in a friendly way”. When an entry is created, or updated, you receive a mail notification with the password/description PGP encrypted. You can retrieve/decrypt older versions from there, with your private key.

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@AnatomicJC You know what would be a cool feature is a window to drop in/decrypt those encrypted bits. There already is a similar window for registration /recovery.

And it could double as an encrypt<->decrypt tool in general instead of having to use 3rd party tools.


I will add it to the backlog.

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