Activity/History Log & Custom Fields

We are testing Passbolt as alternative to Team Password Manager. TPM allows custom fields, activity and history logs at a fraction of the price for Passbolt Business. Unfortunately, these features are not available on the self-hosted Community Edition of Passbolt. These features would be great if we could get them with a comparable price to TPM. TPM averages to be less than $2/mo/user (10 users) whereas whereas Passbolt averages to be $3.25/mo/user. TPM comes in at $1.83/mo/user for 20 users and Passbolt doesn’t offer a price break for more users. What gives? Can you tell me what gives Passbolt the edge over TPM?

There are a lot of sites use the phrase “Team Password Manager” - would you mind posting a link to the one you are referencing?

Team Password Manager: Password Management Software for Groups

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@cedric Just wanted to tag someone on the team for when they can speak to pricing and features and rationale thanks.

@i7phillip there are many things to compare in a password manager, like for example the security model, the maturity of the organisation (certification, audits, etc.), how the features are implemented, etc. If you would like to discuss pricing to best meet your budget feel free to get in touch with

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