After upgrade to v2.0.0-rc2 "Could not verify server key"

I upgraded from the last stable version to v2.0.0-rc2 and now when i try to open Passbolt in the browser i got the message "Could not verify server key. Server code: That version of GPGAuth is not supported. (undefined)

Do you have an idea what is wrong?

It most likely the same issue than: [v2.0.0-rc2] That version of GPGAuth is not supported

We are working on fix to prevent that behavior in the future, thanks for your patience.

Following my upgrade to v2 via docker and an nginx proxy, I get this too "“Could not verify server key”

But I dont get “GPGAuth is not supported.”…

I still trying to undertand what is going on, as nothing is returned with the flowing command;

SELECT table_schema, table_name, column_name, character_set_name, collation_name
FROM information_schema.columns
WHERE collation_name = ‘utf8mb4_general_ci’
ORDER BY table_schema, table_name,ordinal_position;

If nothing is returned it means that the tables are in the right collation.
It is probably an issue with the keyring that is specific to docker, please create another issue.

You are correct and I will go and reconfigure my docker as a new install for v2.

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