As a user the passbolt extension can auto-fill / auto-save my passwords in forms



@remy I don’t see the auto-fill option listed as part of the premium features listed here It isn’t even under coming soon. Has the ETA changed for premium?

I see now that it is listed as Q3 her


Hi @stan,

We are very much working on this functionality at the moment. We will share the final specs this month.
Current ETA is August or September, we’re going to ship LDAP integration first.



Is there a new information for the free, selfhosted version?


bump, users and boss are insisting on this as a first step before implementing

How to disable mail notification when creating a password manually in passbolt?

My users would love to have this feature. The moment this becomes a a thing I’m deploying it for my company. Any ETA?


This is our main priority at the moment, and the next major feature we will ship.
ETA is January.


I am also waiting for this feature before announcing it across the company.
Any expected date for this?