As an admin I can backup and restore my instance from GUI

I would like to have the ability to backup the instance from the web GUI. I would like to have a button to download a password protected file. I would also like to have the ability to upload that file, and restore the system.

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Can you explain why this specifically needs to be done using the GUI? What is the issue of current backup options (connecting to the database / copying the configuration files). To me the approach you are describing, especially for the restore, is typically in the realm of system/server administration.

Using the regular GUI for this presents multiple technical challenges and weird chicken and egg scenarios (example: what if the user currently performing the action is not part of the backup, how do we keep the current admin logged in when this is happening even though the database is reset, etc.), which would in turn increase support.

Maybe we could make this part of the wizard though, like upload a backup when configuring the application in order to rebuild a server from the backup. Is that what you had in mind?

First, thank you for the quick response. This platform is already
amazing, and I’m excited to submit these ideas. My intentions are to
always provide constructive ideas. I’am a web developer myself.

To answer your questions: I envision three scenarios.

  1. As the administrator of the self hosted site, I would like to see a
    section in the Navigation to get to an Administrator page.
    1.1 There should be a button that I can click to download the
    Database, and relevant config files (php.conf, app.conf)ect, all as a
    .zip or tar, password protected.
    1.2 This should include everything needed to restore the system in the
    event of a disaster.
    1.3 There should be a section below that to upload a file, and
    initiate a system restore.

  2. If a restore is required on a currently running system, I should be
    able to upload the backup file, and enter the password for that backup
    2.1 The system should upload it, log out the Administrator, restore
    all the necessary data, then return the user to the log in page.

  3. When setting up a new system, and using the setup wizard, I should be
    able up upload the backup file, and let the system do a restore. Then I
    should be redirected to the login page.

I hope that makes sense. I would be more then happy to elaborate if
needed, and I offer my assistance in any beta testing.

I’m attaching a screen shot of PfSense.
Visually, this makes a lot of sense. Perhaps this can be a general
here is the link to the help file, though it doesn’t have any screen

Again, a Big thank you. The world needs software like this!


Thanks for the constructive feedback and detailing your proposal.