As an admin I can configure my organization email Notification Settings

I would like to request that their be configuration settings in the GUI (or backend config file) that allow configuration of why/when notification emails go out.

Use case:
I just finished setting up our server for work. I had 200 passwords for everything, and 90 for another group I created.

Groups creation forced me to add at least one user, and I added 3 more users to the group. Then I shared the 90 passwords with the group. That meant that 450 emails, 90 to each of the 4 people went out, plus 90 to myself saying that I had shared the password. Oops.

That obviously is a situation I would hope to avoid for new users who may be integrating into their places of work.

I think simple toggles would do like
“Send Notification when Password is Shared to Group.”
“Limit email notifications” with a box for a number next to it, etc. I’d be more than happy to dig in and contribute code if it gets accepted.


There is already a similar request. See. As a logged in user I can configure which notifications I receive by email

We have done the ground work with account and organization settings, the rest of this task is scheduled for this quarter