As an anonymous user I can see a feedback if the 3rd Party Cookie test fails on on the login page

We’re using Passbolt and really like love the application. (30+ users)

However, it has come to light on a few occasions where users are unable to log into Passbolt due the browser settings not allowing the csrf cookie to function.

I think it would be helpful to include a widget no the login page to quickly check the browser cookie settings much the same way it checks for the Passbolt browser extension.

I think it would make the user experience much better with only a little php.

@vertigo Excellent suggestion. Just wanted to add that the 3rd party cookie issue is actually not related to the CSRF cookie, but the fact that it’s the extension that is driving the login (and some other requests) and that the browser consider requests originating from the extension as third party (since they are done from a “background page” with a chrome-extension:// url and not the passbolt page itself).

Happy to help and thanks for listening :+1:

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