Azure SSO Case sensitive user names

We have the Azure SSO plugin enabled. Our usernames have a capital letter at the beginning of each name (lotus notes legacy) so as a result when we try and use the sso application as per Passbolts instructions we get a user mismatch. On other SSO setups we’ve been able to configure a attribute transform to convert to lowercase but the method used to create the app for Passbolt doesnt seem to allow these attributes. Has anyone else faced this issue and found a work around?


Thank you for reporting. This has already been addressed and will be fixed in the coming v3.10 release.

Can you point me to where this information is kept. Its not on the roadmap as that only states SSO (no details).

@phildamb Passbolt Help | How to configure SSO with Microsoft (Alpha)

Thanks but this doesnt mention case sensitive usernames.

PB-22652 As a user I can authenticate with SSO with an email address having a different case


We get a username mismatch when attempting to setup the SSO as our usernames contain upper case for the first letter of first and surname.

@phildamb did you try with the latest version v3.10?

yeah as we jumped from an old version so have only had the option on this new one.

Ok so that might be another issue, we can follow up on support channels.