BUG: Specifying groups in a CSV file doesn't create the folders on import

We have been testing the new folder feature and have been attempting an import, but not having much luck, with our Lastpass format getting all folders interpreted as tags.

We use Thycotic Secret Server, but a trial of Lastpass for teams meant we had a workflow for export to Lastpass format in place, which Passbolt took without issue, EXCEPT for importing folders.

our Lastpass CSV export is this:

What column heading is the Passbolt importer expecting for folder data?

Also the folder format exported is as:


e.g. \Clients\Mcdonalds\RetailStores\TownName

Is the Single backslash the correct structure to have Passbolt importer create sub folders?

I tried playing with the CSV format to be more Keepass like.

This imports again, but does not create folders/subfolders. (Other than the import-csv-TIMESTAMP folder)

Import Options:

Import result:

Hello @EmJaeCaer, we’re investigating the issue, we’ll come back to you shortly.

This is indeed a bug that will be fixed in the next release (today or tomorrow). Thanks for the report @EmJaeCaer.

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