Can no longer login [use recovery kit]

:frowning: didn’t realize my passbolt extension was keeping my passbolt creds in it. After I removed it I am no longer able to log into my passbolt server, so I added it back but I am no longer able to start the passbolt extension whithout logging in. If I request an email sent from the passbolt server it wants my PGP key for my account which I was never sent when I setup the server I only have the PGP emails from all the passwords I setup on the server.

SO how I do fix this? THis is completely trash that the Admin cannot log into the web portal without having an extension installed in their browser. :frowning:

Take a deep breath, because some of us don’t think it’s trash and it sounds like you need assistance.

The extension is the app. The web portal is the extension which talks to the backend api.

To not have your account key is to not have future access. To add passwords into an account for which you have no key is a time bomb.

Are you sure you have no key?


I checked my emails the 1st PGP email I have from the system is the 1st password I added to Passbolt, so no the system didn’t give the PGP to the admin account or whatver the 1st account is (which is my account).

There’s no downloaded “recovery kit”? It’s part of the install steps.


OH yes I have the recover kit. :slight_smile:

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See, breathing helps. :+1:

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:frowning: nd if I lost the paraprhase? :frowning:

NVM I realized I stuck in the file with the duo stuff.


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