Cannot login from another machine

Latest OVA install , works fine from machine a, from machine b I get “the plugin is installed but not configured” contact your domain admin to requset an invite or recover your account.

Hi @markrowlands

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Can you clarify better what you are describing as “machine a and b”? Is this one OVA install and two separate end user devices attempting to access the same account? Or, two installs with an attempt to access both from the same end user device? Or something else…

If you are experiencing a scenario like the first, then the recovery process is what is used in Passbolt in order to establish access from a second device for an establish account. This recovery process is initiated from within Passbolt by an admin user.

Well, thank you both for your welcome and your response. Yes, alternative 1. Two client browsers on different machines accessing the same passbolt installation. So i will have to have access to my primary email account from every browser I need to use passbolt from and have my private key handy? Will this then lock out the other browser/client requiring a “recovery” there? . I will check it this out on monday. I may also have a followup question about Remote Desktop mulituser environments, but that’s definitely for next week :slight_smile:


You are correct. Access will require the extension is installed. A new device or browser will require the recovery process again. It won’t lock out access that was established with another browser.

For users that are never at one particular device, I have considered using a portable app version of a browser from a portable drive as a possible solution. Then you can take your browser with you.