Can't log in as admin

Hi I started my setup over a few times by removing the web setup:


My mistake I made during my initial attempt, several attempts ago, that I am stuck with now is the following configuration errors:

I set the server email as

I set the FROM email as

After that it took me through setting up the passbolt admin account, which I did with


So several web-setup attempts later:
(each time I have to delete passbolt.php and set the serverkey.asc and serverkey_private.asc to 740 so that setup can handle them)

during the web setup:

I set a fake server email and “From:” email this time
because when I try to log in as admin - - and it wants me to verify via email, the email never arrives at our
(even though the web setup email test works and other users can receive their verification email no problem)

So I’m basically locked out, and I cant admin the server :smile:

I think you’re in luck. The last post in this thread provides a way to retrieve the verification url from the db.

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Hi thanks. I did learn a useful new query for the DB but none of the links work to get into the account:

SELECT u.username AS EMAIL, CONCAT(‘https://passbolt.domain.tld/setup/install/’,, ‘/’, at.token) as URL
FROM users u
INNER JOIN authentication_tokens at ON at.user_id =
WHERE = 1;

| email | URL |
| | https://passbolt.DOMAIN/setup/install/2fad7ba2-92c5-4f25-8c0d-7595960676bd/5fe4429d-7af1-4518-aac1-45f79e696101 |


but in the end, I couldnt grab a working link.

Explain more about what you did here.

Hi @pasbbolting :wave:

If you want to restart your setup multiple times, remove /etc/passbolt/passbolt.php is not enough as data remain in database and you also have passbolt gpg keyring in /var/lib/passbolt/.gnupg

If you really want to “reset” your setup, you should, in addition of removing /etc/passbolt/passbolt.php remove also:

  • /var/lib/passbolt/.gnupg folder
  • /var/lib/passbolt/tmp folder
  • your mysql passbolt database
  • /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/nginx-passbolt.conf configuration file

Then run a dpkg-reconfigure passbolt-ce-server to recreate a newer and fresher database and a clean nginx configuration file.



OK I knew there was something like that I needed to do. Thank you, I can use this for our admin instructions.

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