Change email images

Our passbolt is behind a private network. We want emails to go out with corporate logos so employees know they’re legit. Can we update the images inside of emails to link from our CDN instead of our Passbolt installation? We do not want broken image links in our emails.

Also is the PGP message in the email necessary? I’m wondering if it might just confuse our users.

Thanks for your help!

Regarding the key in the email, it’s often viewed as a backup in case the server becomes inaccessible.

The higher image is the logo, the lower image is the user Avatar.

A lot of effort has been put into the styling of the email layout - as you know it is all about the end user mail client.

The layout file is /usr/share/php/passbolt/templates/layout/email/html/default.php.

The logo is served from the app path /img/logo/logo.png…which didn’t render because the url is inaccessible as you are saying.

You will want to look for logo.png in the template file to modify as needed and experiment with embedded images.

User Avatars are not coded in the layout file, but you can probably find what you’re looking for when you get to the right neighborhood of directories.

Perfect, thanks. Is it safe to assume these changes will be wiped out when we upgrade?

@d00 I would plan for them to.

Since it’s not a source install via git (I’m assuming this) it might be useful to create copies of the files in a different location and then symlink them. But if you end up with heavier alterations…I guess this is a reason to start working on the source itself and stash changes before pulling updates.