DirectorySync issue after upgrading from 2.8.3 to 2.9.0


I’ve got an issue with DirectorySync after upgrading to 2.9.0 using the docker container (2.9.0 pro debian). I use OpenLDAP as a directory server.

In my 2.8.3 installation I have a value of IT in the Groups Parent Group and Users Parent Group, and when pressing test settings and simulate synchronize I get the expected output of my X amount of users that the LDAP query found, all good.

However after upgrading to 2.9.0 and performing the exact same tests without changing any of the settings, the test connection says that the connection was successful, but also No results have been found, which is weird. The simulate synchronize give an error: **Error** The simulation failed. Could not retrieve the group matching name IT, and I see that the webserver outputs a 500-error in the logs: GET /directorysync/synchronize/dry-run.json HTTP/1.1" 500

No matter what i put in the fields I can’t get it to filter on my parent group, as it worked in 2.8.3, except if i leave them blank, they i get all the users in ldap, regardless of group.

I did report an error to previous versions in this post: Case sensitive Groups/Users parent group, thought this might be related to any efforts in fixing that.

Any ideas?

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Hi @bjozet ,
We have a release happening in the next few days that should fix this issue. We indeed had reports that the sync between Passbolt and OpenLdap had some issues.
One way to fix your issue for now could be to specify the object class for Groups and Users, to match your configuration (with params groups object class and users object class).
Let me know if this fixes it.

ps: Since you are a Pro user, you can write directly to the main support channel:

I forgot to mention: the case sensitivity issue for groups will also be fixed in the upcoming release.

Hey @kevin,

Thanks for the information, I’ll wait for the new release, we’re don’t (yet) have a pro subscription but are evaluating and testing, just thought I’d send a bug report in case you weren’t aware.

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