Disable automatically displayed user name

Hey again,
a couple of users have commented that it might be a good idea to disable the automatic username displayed when creating a password.

Sometimes the username would be correct but definitely not on all websites/systems.

Is it possible to disable that behavior?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @avax,

When creating a password on a website using the passbolt icon, the username is pre-filled with the username of the current passbolt account?
You would like to have it empty?

If it is the case, we are planning to give more parameters that can be tweaked, like for the password generator:

  • Password length
  • Type of mask enable by default
  • Passphrase by default instead of a password

Your request is interesting, and we will consider it during the design phase.

As a not super great workaround, you can use the tabulation (6 times :sweat_smile:) when the popup appears to change the username.