Docker-compose setup does not send any email

Can someone help me?

I’m a beginner in docker, I did the passbolt setup with the docker-compose and everything is going well, but the emails isn’t. I did the registration, I can register users, but users can’t use because emails never arrive. I don’t know how to configure email variables, I assumed docker would do this, but now, I think no, and I can’t find in documentation anything that helps me.
I volunteer to add this part in the documentation if I can get some help or I can solve it.

Hi @ludibela!

Could you describe your env variables and your scenario to send emails? Are you using gmail to send emails, are you using a private email service? The more context you give the better :slight_smile:

Hi, the problem isn’t passbolt, the problem was in my SMTP server, sorry for wasting your time and thanks!


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