Doubt with license: Migrate DB Keepass

Hello, we are trying to export several databases from keepass to passbolt, we are using the free version of passbolt, but we do not have the option to export those DBs, according to this link:

the option to export this into the free,

but according to this other link, no.

|Import (kdbx, csv)
|Export (kdbx, csv)

What is the right ???

Many Thanks

Hello @Witty,

The import/export feature is well shipped with passbolt CE.
The documentation needs to be updated, thank you for your report.

Best regards,

So, with the community edition can the keepass database be imported? in such a case as? If I do not have the import button?

Can you confirm me that you don’t see the import button with your version of passbolt ?
Note: The documentation has been updated.

@Witty yes you can import / export keepass files with community edition. If you do not see the button maybe you are not using the latest version.

This is my versión: Centos 7

<?php return [ 'passbolt' => [ 'version' => '2.7.1', 'name' => 'Jump' ] ]; [root@itpb config]# pwd /var/www/passbolt/config And yes, I do not see the button with the admin account to be able to export / import

Hi, you are quite behind in terms of versions, the latest is 2.10.
Please update:

Ok!! when proceeding with the update notice of the result if the export / import button appears or not
many Thanks Guys!

Yes, it will appear :slight_smile:

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