E-Mail Notifications Group Managers

Hey there,
we are testing passbolt at the moment and we like it very much so far, but there is one thing I can’t get right. When I try to add a user to a group via LDAP, the manager should be notified via email, but unfortunately this does not work. All other mails work fine.
That are our the notification settings at the Moment. Any suggestions?

€: I made some progress, when enabling every notification option it’s working.
Can someone tell me wich option is responsible here?

@avax I think this is “When users are added to a group notify them”. There is a bug in the blacklog because this email is incorrectly mapped to this setting.

@remy Thank you very much for the explanation but now another problem appeared, yeah! :sweat_smile:
The notification mail for the group managers are sent multiple times.
For example, i’m adding a user to a group and the managers get like 4-5 notification mails.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the feedback @avax we’ll look into it, see if we can reproduce your issue.

Hi @avax,

here is Juan from the dev backend team. We tried reproducing your observation, but without sucess. We cannot reproduce the fact that managers get multiple notifications when one single user is added to a group.

Is this behavior persisting on your side?

Hi @pabloelcolombiano,

no the problem no longer exists, it stopped shortly after, unfortunately I can not say what it was due to.