Encryption when sharing takes forever

Just installed Passbolt and wanted to share my first created key.
After putting in my passphrase I can see the Encryption page that says “Take a deep breath and enjoy it”.
Well it has been an hour now… The progress bar still does not move.

  1. Is that expected?
  2. Does anyone experienced that?
  3. Any logs I could check?

Many thanks for your help.

Hi @passbolt_oe,

That’s not a normal behavior. You can check the browser console log for more information.

Please send more information about which browser name and version you are using, which operating system, etc. so we can try to reproduce the issue.


Hi Remy,

Thanks for your answer. Much appreciated.
I will definitely have a look at the logs.
Shall you want to try reproducing the issue here’s my config:
MacOS High Sierra 10.13.3
Firefox: 58.0.2
Passbolt extension: 1.6.9

Not sure it’s a browser issue because we also reproduced it on a Linux/Debian laptop as well (Also with Firefox).


That might be something to do with the key that is used for encryption.
Did you generate one during the setup or did you import an existing one?

Hi Remy,

We installed everything from fresh. That includes the generation of a brand new key.