Error On First Time Setup

Hi all , new here but looking to use this exciting product, installing under Ubuntu and all seems to go well, but the script errors out with the following message, I know very little about Linux to troubleshoot this, so any help would be appreciated.

cp: cannot create regular file ‘/etc/php/7.2/fpm/pool.d/www.conf’ : No Such File or Directory

This is on a clean ubuntu install thats up to date as of today.

Many thanks

Hi @mraerosmith,

Thanks for the kind words! Could you provide the ubuntu version you are using?

ive tried 18.04 and now 19.04 and seem to get the same issue on both, this is being run as a VM though

Hi again,

I’m unable to reproduce on ubuntu 18.04 fresh installed and updated. Are you using SSL in auto mode?

Yes SSL is in auto mode

Weird I have tried in ubuntu18.04 both auto and no SSL I can’t get to reproduce your issue. Maybe you could provide some information like the install.log

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Possibly php has not been installed yet?

Probably installed the normal Ubuntu, not Ubuntu Server. Ran into the same issue and after setting up the server edition all worked just fine.

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Hi, the problem is in installation script and newer version of PHP in your OS. My script installed PHP 7.4 and tried to copy configuration from 7.2. You need to edit install script and change lines with “7.2” to “7.4” - line numbers: 32 and 33

I had the same issue. This solved it. Maybe the script needs some tweaking to identify which version is installed and proceed accordingly.