Exclusão de grupo (removal of groups)

Olá, pessoal!
Preciso de ajudar. Excluímos alguns grupos que havíamos criado anteriormente do passbolt e as senhas que estão atreladas a estes grupos foram excluídas. Existe algum jeito de recuperar as senhas?
Agradeço o apoio.

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Is this an accurate translation for your question?

Hey guys!
I need to help. We deleted some groups that we had previously created from passbolt and the passwords that are linked to these groups were deleted. Is there any way to recover passwords?
Thanks for the support.

It will depends on a few things, e.g. does the resources were shared with the group only or was it shared with anyone else?
If it was shared with someone else, the owner should still have it but if the group was sole owner and it wasn’t shared with anyone individually then unfortunately it is gone.

Also, in the administration panel there is an “email content visibility” if encrypted secret was checked, then you should be able to search an email with the encrypted secret. Please note that you will need your GPG private key (recovery kit) to decrypt it.


If none of the above suggestions are applicable, another option is to restore a database backup.

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Hey guys
Thanks a lot for the guidelines. I was able to redeem the passwords.