External link too passwords - possible?



Hi !

Passbolt looks great but i need to be able to reference an static url from passbolt passwords record to our main knowledgebase.

Goal is not to bypass the system , just to be able to go directly to the referenced password from our Kb.

It is possible ?

Thanks a lot,



Hello @luvpass,

Thank you for you report and your kind words.

This feature is referenced on the gihub repository of the client js: https://github.com/passbolt/passbolt-appjs/issues/3

The feature is not yet available to the users. Before releasing it we have to :

  • Integrate the button to the client;
  • Make the grid able to locate an element in an ordered & paginated list of items ;



Hi !
Do you have an update on this request ?
We wait for this featuer prior to buy passbolt.




Hi @luvpass it is scheduled for this year. The url system is present since a few months, we need to integrate a button to make it usable. Thank you for your patience.


The feature has been released with v2.7

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