Fresh Install, webpage is text only

Hey there,
i’ve just done a fresh install of passbolt CE for the second time. My server is a virtualized Ubuntu 18.04-Server running in a VM. Well, I’ve been following the steps provided in the documentation exactly, nethertheless the webpage (I’ve stopped after step 1) looks like garbage:

Last time I tried to install it, the same thing happened. I thought I would’ve made a mistake in the installation, but no - I didn’t, afaik.

Hi @Tenou, I think it looks great for only one step. You make it sound like you haven’t finished all of the steps. It says it’s not configured. If you’re looking for advice I would suggest finishing all of the steps.

If you’ve got a question, feel free to ask - many here have successfully installed and can help.

Well, I haven’t finished all the steps since at this point the documentation vastly differs from reality.
Saying I stopped after step 1 was kinda misleading, I stopped after section 1 of the installation instructions.


Most likely there is an issue with the base url (maybe you use passbolt in a directory?) or the url rewriting (maybe you use apache?). Try to provide more information about your configuration, explain which instructions you followed, etc., look at the server error log (in your passbolt logs directory), look at the browser console error, this will help us help you.

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