How can I change the server IP Address?

Once passbolt has be configured to a local IP address. Is there functionality to move it to a different IP address?

For now there is not such mechanism provided by passbolt to change a passbolt server IP.

But you should be able to do it manually.
0. Make a backup of your db

  1. Ask all your users to backup their private key
  2. Change the property App.fullBaseUrl in the config file ./config/passbolt.php
  3. Clean the application cache with the command (to execute as www-data) ./bin/cake cache clear_all
  4. Ask all your users to recover their account following the link https://YOUR_DOMAIN/users/recover

I use passbolt on my office laptop, and the password of passbolt is synced with my Gmail account and when I have access passbolt from my personal laptop with my home IP address. The password of passbolt also accessible with my home IP address

@zubairkhanzhk I think @Daremix22 wanted to modify the address of the server.
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