How to keep the mobile app logged in

Hi all,

Is there any setting to change the time on which the mobile app request for a master password, because is annoys me a lot that in order to get a password you must fill out the master password to enter the username of the password required, and then once again enter masters password to get the password of the record.
how can I keep it logged in?


Hello @shootify ,

AFAI for the moment it’s not possible, however do you know that you can use FaceID/Fingerprint if you don’t want to fill the password every time?

How, I can’t find that settings on the app!

You have to go to Seetings>App settings and you will see FaceID or fingerprint options


my app does not have that option, i just have
3-Default filter

i have delted the app and reinstall it.
fixed. thanks