How to re-enable the export option in a currently disabled instannce?

I need to export a handful of credentials but the passbolt instance that I inherited has the option grayed out. I looked at the FAQ and I have followed the instructions to enable the import/export plugins but the option stays grayed out after a reboot.

We are on 2.5.0/3.5.0 based on the information on the heart icon. Any suggestions?

Here is a snip of the config file after I put the enable plugin lines in:

'passbolt' => [
        // GPG Configuration.
        // The keyring must to be owned and accessible by the webserver user.
        // Example: www-data user on Debian
        'plugins' => [
                'import' => [
                        'enabled' => true,
                'export' => [
                        'enabled' => true,
        'ssl' => [
                'force' => true,
        'gpg' => [
            // Tell GPG where to find the keyring.
            // If putenv is set to false, gnupg will use the default path ~/.gnupg.
            // For example :
            // - Apache on Centos it would be in '/usr/share/httpd/.gnupg'
            // - Apache on Debian it would be in '/var/www/.gnupg'
            // - Nginx on Centos it would be in '/var/lib/nginx/.gnupg'
            // - etc.
            'keyring' => '/opt/passbolt/.gnupg',
            // Replace GNUPGHOME with above value even if it is set.
            'putenv' =>true,

            // Main server key.
            'serverKey' => [
                // Server private key fingerprint.
                // Server private key location and fingerprint
                'fingerprint' => 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
                'public' => '/opt/passbolt/serverkey.asc',
                'private' => '/opt/passbolt/serverkey.private.asc',

Hi @jsheehan00 Welcome to the forum!

It appears that feature was rolled out in 2.8.3

Gotcha so in 2.5.0 this button just existed but was not functioning?

No, I don’t think so. The UI you see is actually from the browser extension, so it’s the because of that (which is a newer version). But nothing on the back end informs that feature, would be my understanding.