How to setup with mariadb?

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Sorry for my initialy post that had no details, the UI of this site confused me and I got an email telling me my account had been banned or something until a moderator approves it. What I wanted to initially say was:

This post is a continuation of my issues outlined in the PR #112. I got Diego’s help with my initial issue by using mariadb in lieu of mysql and rng-tools. Installing rng-tools worked but using mariadb is sort of confusing me cause the instructions say to use the command

docker run -d --name mysql --net passbolt_network -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=<root_password> -e MYSQL_DATABASE=<mysql_database> -e MYSQL_USER=<mysql_user> -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=<mysql_password> mysql

but since I am having to use mariadb instead, I changed it to

docker run -d --name mariadb --net passbolt_network -e MARIADB_ROOT_PASSWORD=<root_password> -e MARIADB_DATABASE=<mariadb_database> -e MARIADB_USER=<mariadb_user> -e MARIADB_PASSWORD=<mariabd_password> mariadb

but then I got the following error

error: database is uninitialized and password option is not specified

Which leads me to ask Why it wants me to specify MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD rather than MARIADB_ROOT_PASSWORD ?

Diego further said that " Your issue is because when launching mariadb container you are using incorrect environment variables such as MARIADB_DATABASE , MARIADB_USER and MARIADB_PASSWORD thus your database and user are not created in mariadb." This confuses me since I don’t know which environment variable to use now that I am using MARIADB instead of MySQL.

Can someone please clear up my confusion?

If anyone wants to see the full output, it can be reached here:

Hi @jace,

Even if you are using mariadb the variable names should start with mysql.
This is just a historical legacy, when both systems could still be used interchangeably (we didn’t change the variable names when mariadb became the default backend for passbolt, historically we started with a mysql as a preferred backend).

I hope that makes sense, I understand why this can be confusing.

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