Install passbolt behind an existing Nginx Reverse Proxy


Hey Guys,

This may be a simple answer or based on the setup wizard may not be supported however her we go.

I have a large environment with quite a few services being offered by VM’s hosted in my environment. In order to provide remote access to these resources I have an NGINX reverse Proxy configured which handles all inbound web requests and proxies the request through internally to the relevant VM. At the moment I have about 35 or so different webservices working perfectly fine in this manner.

I would now also like to setup passbolt and have it operate the same way. Thing is though I can’t use SSL auto mode in the wizard as I’m not providing a route to VM directly and as such Letsencrypt will not be able to retrieve a cert. I’ve already setup my reverse proxy server block and I already have my Letsencrypt cert setup in my existing reverse proxy.

How do I go about enabling SSL prior to running the wizard so that I can configure it to work through my existing reverse Proxy??

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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