Is it Important to update?

Hi community,
I’ve a question about the update, is it important to do the update when the healthcheck montion that (from 4.1.1 to 4.1.2) or we can work normally with the older version.

Hello @inas,

In general, it’s always recommended to keep passbolt up to date, but that’s not only related to passbolt only, it’s also a good habit to frequently update your OS (e.g. once a week)
That being said, obviously you are allowed to keep a specific version, but when you do not have any constraint related to internet (e.g. being on an air gap) it’s always recommended to update it.

For example, you’d see on the forum there was tons of issues related to people that went from v2 to v4.

I’ll suggest you to read the releases note of the upcoming versions, if there is not any major changes that will affect your daily usage, then I am highly suggesting to update. Generally, as we did for v4, when there is a change that could affect your instance, it’s writen in the release note (e.g. minmum software requirement for v4 is now PHP7.4)

Hope it helps


When the last number changes, normally it is because a minor update was released.
It can come with some bugs solved or security improvements.

You can avoid that updates, but as @antony said, it is recommended to be up to date in order to avoid security problems (like known vulnerabilities).

Normally, updating once a week is enough


Thank you @antony and @Termindiego25, I got it and I appreciate your explanation that was clear for me.

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