Is it possible to create password alias?

In Password Safe, the sofware we are substituting with Passbolt, a very important feature is that of password aliases. That means that an independent entry (the alias) will always have the same password as another entry (the base), even when this changes, while all other attributes are independent (name, URL, comment, etc.)

Is that possible in Passbolt?

Hello Noel, the feature you are describing is not supported at the moment. Can you elaborate about the use case, e.g. explain why it’s important, or the kind of workflow you use it in?

Hello Remy, In some cases the administrator password for some storage arrays is set by the Client to be the same in all the arrays, or in other cases the IPMI/iLO/iDRAC passwords are left as they were by default. In some cases, the root password or Domain Admin is the same for groups of related machines, and is changed with some regularity but in all of them at the same time.

As our group isn’t allowed to change these, we need to take note of them in our Password Safe, to be substituted by Passbolt, as they are, all the same. This is very well managed by aliases, as we take note of the string only once (very handy when it changes), but make individual entries for each array or computer, with its own IP.