Login Page not appearing after change in ip


I have installed passbolt in ec2 & database is in RDS. I have set up and created users , resources and it was working fine. IP of EC2 is changed after i stopped the EC2 and then started after few hours.

Now if i try to open the login page, i get the error as shown in attachment.
how to change the ip or register again ?

Thanks and Regards

Tried the below … but still the error persist.

  1. uninstall chrome
  2. deleted appdata/extensions
  3. deleted data from mariadb from tables like users, profiles etc.,

How to reconfigure the extension and also how to change the parameters that were set during the installation (eg) <>/install/options

Any help is much appreciated.

If you deleted the initial user after the installation, you will need register again using the command line from the server:

sudo -H -u www-data bash -c "./bin/cake passbolt register_user --username=poorni@youremail.com --first-name=poorni --last-name=lastname"

Hi, no such directory. i am using the ec2 ami provided in the market place.

Could you try with the absolute path as described below?

Thanks Remy.
In case in future if want to change the DB config or other configurations, what is the process.
For initial setup <>/install works. How about the future changes
After initial setup page is deleted or becomes inaccessible


When you change the domain of your install, you will need to update the domain in your config/passbolt.php file, under fullBaseUrl. Users will have to perform an account recovery in order to link their extension with the new domain.


Thanks… found the details :slight_smile: