New installation - how do I login?

Hello everybody and thank you for you help in advance.
I just installe passbolt on my If I get there I see a page with the following

How can I log in? What am I missing?

Thank you

Hello @mzanetti,

At the end of the installation process you should see an activation link in the console (see section 12. for debian by instance).

Follow this link in your browser to configure the plugin with your passbolt.


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Thank you very much Cedric, I didn’t see it. I performed a fresh installation with

./bin/cake passbolt install --force

and I was able to perform the first configuration.

Too bad now I have another issue (Could not verify server key. The OpenPGP server key defined in the config could not be found in the GnuPG keyring) -.- but thank you anyways for your big help!

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