Not Receiving Mail after Passbolt Docker installation

I have setup passbolt in https using traefik. I get a message after running my docker containers.

To start registration follow the link provided in your mailbox or here:

But I have not received any mail. Should I check in /var/mail/root dir. Or do I need to set something like postfix and dovecot so that I get that notification. Please guide. I am new to this thing. thanks.

Also when I try to login with my mail. I get this. But where can I actually see this.

Hi @anonymous-23u2 Welcome to the forum!

First, there’s this page. Check these Passbolt Help | Why are my emails not being sent?

Before installation began, having a mail service with which to use SMTP was required so if you have that and still have trouble please post the host OS and a healthcheck.