Passbolt isn't updating passwords for me

I have migrated over from Lastpass to Passbolt. Unlike Lastpass, Passbolt doesn’t seem to intuitively update passwords in its system when I change them nor store them when I input them for the first time. Is there a way of setting it up to do so as I have just realised there are a load of passwords it hasn’t saved. Thank you

Hi @Ellymoo Welcome to the forum and to passbolt!

I’m sure there is good reason you are changing to passbolt. Passbolt doesn’t change your passwords without your interaction, either saving or updating.

If you change your workflow, it will be better. Start by saving the password in passbolt, then use in new account on the web.

Before updating a credential, update in passbolt first.

There is a higher level of control and security.

Thanks for your reply!

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