Passbolt on Google app store

Hi… this Passwordmanager is looking promising. i’ll probably migrate over to it as soon as you release some android software as it is crucial for me.

Anyway, Are the developers aware that there is a “Passbolt credentials manager (Early Access)” on Google Play? Apparently put there by a russian with the email, username arkadym.

Is this individual a known developer connected to Passbolt? can the software be trusted?

I hope this is a valid question. See ya.

Hi @Andec Thank you for asking about this, and welcome to the forum!

The app you mentioned is not affiliated with Passbolt and the official Passbolt app has not been released yet. We will announce here when it is.

Verra-t-elle au moins le jour ?
Si oui, avez-vous une idée sur la date de sortie ?

@Hugo7 Target release is this quarter. We will announce when it is released.