[PB-33599] As a user I can retrieve previous versions of a password

I am a user of the Pro version and the password history feature would be extremely important. For example, when restoring backups of IT systems where the previous passwords are still used.
Please be sure to include it in the roadmap!

Any news about this item from 2017?

Our focus this year is on introducing new custom content types and custom fields. This development is a step forward in making our secrets management more flexible and adaptable to diverse needs, including the much-requested password history feature.
We acknowledge that this has been a long-standing request from our community. Implementing password history requires careful consideration to ensure it doesn’t compromise the security and performance of Passbolt. We are exploring the best ways to integrate this functionality in a way that is both secure and user-friendly.
Your feedback and votes have been invaluable in prioritizing our roadmap. We are committed to delivering this feature and are working diligently to make it a reality. Please bear with us a little bit longer as we finalize our approach to implementing password versioning and history. We are excited about the possibilities this feature will unlock and are eager to share updates as soon as we have more details.

Thank you again for your support and understanding!