Serverless passbolt!

Use Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, personal or team NAS server (via WebDAV) to synchronize data.

I don’t want to speak for the developers, but I don’t see any way to do that because of the way Passbolt was designed.

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As @jkubik mentions, Passbolt is webserver-based, though there are certainly other approaches out there. Passbolt does not sync encrypted password data - updates to a password are immediately available to all users with whom the password is shared because they all access the same password.

It also provides a privacy-oriented solution to those who do not wish for Google, Dropbox, Microsoft, or any other tech giant to have access to their secured data. Many users are actually required to not permit such access to the data.

I do use a Dropbox/Keepass arrangement for personal use but even then I find version history conflicts occur on occasion when my internet connection is unavailable remotely and there are changes in two places. For work with others, I have found Passbolt to be much better as it is not sync-dependent.

@deepl are you currently using Passbolt with the approach you mention?

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@garrett I don’t understand passbolt very well. For individuals, bitwarden is completely sufficient. For the team, most of them use the memo in the company’s internal mail system to share passwords.

I can relate to this. The last organization I started on passbolt was using Contacts for passwords. They were also failing to realize the access granted to apps that were sucking up their their Contacts.

Lots of folks here have the tough job of getting staff onboarded. I would say it produces some of the best feedback for the app.