SSL Manually configure error

I reconfigured passbolt for SSL connection, but I try to reach the web server with HTTPS, I get nginx error page, http is working correctly.

Hi @sansandrika Without additional information, itโ€™s hard to know for sure - but it looks like you have altered the NGINX config file for the passbolt site so that either the root directive points to a folder with no servable contents, the location / block is missing, or index index.php is missing.

For reference you can find default NGINX files here in the Github repo.

If you want to provide your NGINX site config file(s), we could double-check them.

Thank you for answer @garrett, I already fixed this problem, but I have problem when I try to configure redirect from http to https

@sansandrika Please provide:

  • NGINX config file(s) for your passbolt site
  • passbolt.php config file sections related to how you have your site resolved (ip vs domsin)
  • have you listed your domain name in /etc/hosts?

@garrett I configured domain name in DNS Server and works properly. Thank you

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@garrett When I try to reconfigure http to https and I chose auto SSL from, my Nginx passes on error

@sansandrika I believe the problem is noted in the error message: there is a reference in the config file to related ssl files and the files are missing. To confirm this you can run nginx -t which will test your configuration files and report any errors.

As you are working on this are you following guide like maybe this? If not, can you provide the steps you have taken in addition to the errors?