UFW Firewall Setup


I have a working self-hosted version of past bolt.
My question is how can I now setup UFW on Ubuntu without messing up Passbolt?
Note I am using web server accessible via the internet and using https ( Lets Encrypt Certs).
I searched but I couldn’t find any information online on how to setup firewall and what ports are needed to be left open.

Thank you for help

Hello @Rohirrimus,

As a web application passbolt only uses the port that you configured your nginx/apache with.
I guess you’re using the default https port 443. This is the only port that is required by the API to run.


Hello cedric, Thank you for your reply.
Is that really all? does Pass bolt need another port for sending email? I wanted to know all the ports needed for non-interrupted work of server ( It’s Ubuntu 18.4, running only Passoblt, no containers or anything similar.)
And I have very low experience setting it up,that is why I wanted to know the full list of ports needed for system as whole.
Thank you a lot

If you have https redirect enabled, then you would also need to open port 80 as well as port 443.

Since the email service uses an outbound and not an inbound port on the passbolt server, you shouldn’t have to do anything with that.

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