Accessibility certifications available?

I was wondering if passbolt is officially certified as being accessible? I am trying to find a passwort manager to use but the German government is pretty strict on what counts as entirely accessible.

Does anyone know if Passbolt was ever officially certified (perhaps by fulfilling EU norm 301 549 or similar)?

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There are European directives to enforce accessbility as a right, but no certification as far as I know, I might be wrong feel free to share documentation if you have.

To be transparent with you we are reacting regarding accessibility issues of the application, though we always have the usability and the user experience as main focus and design the screens respecting usability standard (such as Bastien & Scapin), we fix accessibility issues when they are reported by the community.

Some accessibility tickets are already on the roadmap such as optimizing the keyboard navigation, or offering a high contrast theme, but the list is incomplete. The next step to be proactive would be to run an audit of the application to detect current issues and industrialize the process to address the accessibility topic as other topics such as the security or code quality.

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This forum site (Discourse) was run against Germany standards here: Audit | A.Checker

They claim on this site that once an audit is run an Accessibility Statement could be created to provide a reference for compliance.

I also get that the site is selling a service, but the listed test points are interesting.

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Thanks @garrett,

It’s interesting to run against public material.

For the application and also integrate the Accessibility topic into the development, we could use this storybook plugin: Accessibility Addon | Storybook

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