Account recovery issues with brand new account

Trying to set up passbolt cloud for the first time but I think I fat fingered my master passphrase the first time it was created and now I can’t log in again after logging out. I have the PGP private key file (the .asc file) but when I try to supply that to the web interface when it is asking me for a key file it then asks me for my password again but since I dont know what I entered it does not work. Not sure how to reset the account and such the automatic recovery process does not work. I dont care if I have to wipe out everything and start over since I literally just created it and have no passwords but I want to keep my URL that I created instead of just going with a completely new account and abandoning this one that I can no longer get into.

Hi @OperativeThunny Welcome to the forum!

You’ll need to create a new admin account. The old one is not recoverable without the private key passphrase.

For assistance with getting a new admin account you can reach out to for your cloud account.

Thanks. I sent an email to the support address you gave me.

I would suggest maybe making the initial admin account creation have a confirmation re-entry on the password entered instead of just taking it and going with the flow and using it as the password for the pgp key :slight_smile:

The default flow of not requiring a confirmation re-entry seems to be more and more common nowadays and might not be bad if you are using a password manager but if you are a password manager service and its the encryption key for a PGP key or other crypto material, maybe a re-entry is better than the situation I got myself into :slight_smile:


This is good feedback, thank you.