Add Digi-ID as 2FA authentication provider

The use of Digi-ID would end the need for a master password, it would be replaced by a blockchain private key. Adding this authentication option would provide the cryptocurrency community with a much-needed password manager.

@aemjk4h the passbolt authentication is currently not password based and already use a private key. The passphrase is used to decrypt the private key, and therefore not sent to any third party service. I’m not sure how an authentication system like Digi-ID can replace the private key passphrase.


in addition to the passphrase, let’s add blockchain based authentication using a new technology called digi-ID. Take a 3 minutes to understand digi-ID.

Alright, as a 2FA provider that would make sense. Let see if other users are interested in it.

Thank you for your for your consideration. Crypto users are heavy users of password managers. This integration has the potential to bring the crypto and passbolt communities together.