Add tags column in _getGridColumns and split tags after importing kdbx


Please implement the possibility of enabling additional column with tags; each tag should be clickable to exec filter.
I had just injected this column in little hacky way I think to _getGridColumns function, but If You are interested in to take a look, let me know Where should I push it.

Btw, another case with tags is the behaviour of creating tags after importing resources from kdbx; I think each folder should be an individual tag:
ex: Internal -> hypervisors -> Europe create tag Internal / hypervisor / Europe
in my opinion, it should be split by " / ", and there should be three separated tags.
Anyway, We need to do this in that way, so I choose wrench api cli to fix this in our env, but it is again a little bit hacky because of gpg auth etc. to automate the process.

Thanks for Your work!

As a user I should be able to see the tags associated with a password directly from the grid view

Hi @Dawid,

It’s quite nice to see the customization you did with your passbolt! That’s indeed an interesting idea.
In the future, we want it to be possible for the user to select the columns that are visible in the UI. Tags could definitely be a part of it. I created this entry in the forum backlog so that other users can discuss it

Regarding how tags are managed during an import, this is going to change soon with the release of the folders feature. This feature will actually be closer of what you are trying to achieve with tags, since it will be nested.

Thanks for your suggestions!