After update to 2.4 That version of GPGAuth is not supported. (undefined)

i just updated to 2.4 and when I try to login I get: That version of GPGAuth is not supported. (undefined)

@remy can you please help?

Make sure you ran the migration and cleared the cache

./bin/cake passbolt migrate --backup
./bin/cake cache clear_all

thnx, this fixed it. (where) could I heave read this? step 5

@pimzwager we also thought it was included as part of the migration step, so sorry about the fright.

No problem :slight_smile: I must say I am very please with the product itself, but I am very impressed by the speed you guys answer my questions.

And we are very impressed by you updating on a friday afternoon :wink:

I learned the hard way, When I started to work at this company, we were 4-5 versions behind, it was a pain to update, so when I saw all the bugs being closed, i new the release would be coming. now it’s time for my 3rd beer :slight_smile: have a nice weekend!

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