Android browser issues

Hello i am using passbolt app on android.
Which browser do I need to use? In Samsung Browser i do not see any passbolt info, in firefox i can chose passbolt but autofill does not work. Chrome is working as expected

Hi @tibkik Welcome to the forum!

Can you provide the versions of the browsers with which you are having trouble?

And just to confirm, you installed the mobile Android app and registered it though your existing passbolt account, correct? (Versus trying to use the passbolt web app in a mobile browser.)

And the device name, OS version also

Hey so i am using newest version samsung, chrome and android on my s22 with latest android 13 release and i am using the app, not the browser extension like on PC :slight_smile:

The minimal sdk is level 29 (Android 10); you can try to build&run the app yourself after lowering the API level in the source code here: mobile-passbolt-android/versions.gradle at master · passbolt/mobile-passbolt-android · GitHub (projectMinSdk ) - but I can’t promise all will be working fine and without crashes (especially for autofilling)

Öh i dont understand? Why should i lower sdk for older android when i do have installed the newest on my galaxy s22?

I think there was a misunderstanding.

Which versions of browsers are you having trouble with? Can you provide a screenshot as well?

From my understanding, the problem is autofill who doesn’t work well on Android devices with other browsers than Google Chrome.

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I’m using Firefox 109.1.1. Here’s how it works for me.

If I start at a website first that had credentials on passbolt:

  1. I click in username field
  2. passbolt popup next to the field, says Select Password, I click it
  3. opens passbolt app, I authorize
  4. it doesn’t select creds for me, I have to select from list, but it will have a Suggested section at the top
  5. when I select it takes me back to FF and autofills both fields, sometimes (I think this is the device autofill when it does)

In Android Accessibility settings I noticed that the passbolt install didn’t set itself as app with autofill permissions, though in the app it thought it did. I manually enabled the device settings for passbolt autofill. Also passbolt kept stopping so it is enabled to run unrestricted battery use in the background. Granting the ability for passbolt to overlay other apps is also required so it can see what I’m clicking. Works fine for me with the settings, but if the app stops…yeah, no longer works at all.

So I start with the app first instead the site. That way it’s running. And when it crashes the Accessibility settings will say autofill service is not malfunctioning. At that point autofill won’t work until that setting is toggled.

Sometimes it fills (app autofill is working) and sometimes it says Fill with Passbolt (more consistent in my experience).

I just updated my device to LineageOS 20, Android 13, and it seems that the app works best (most consistent) with no special permissions. No autofill (Accessibility settings), no display over other apps, no background run.

That descripes my problem. I have newest FF and newest Android

Chrome works good but i dont want to use chrome…

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So any plan to get it work properly on android wirh e.g. Firefox?