Android translation to German (PR already done)


I made 5 days ago a Pull Request with the German translation for the android app

But nobody reached out or merged it? Did I miss something here?


Hello @Beli3ver,

Thank you for your contribution, we scheduled to work on it next week.

We are going to plug the mobiles repositories to CrowdIN (Android was plugged this morning), the platform we use to maintain the translations. From there it should be possible to import your translation as a file, something we should do to keep the contribution authors.

To start translating, you can checkout our online documentation: Passbolt Help | How can I contribute to the translation?

I’ve never tested the upload of a translation file, I don’t want to change the original author by using yours, if you could give it a shot that would be amazing.

Once on the CrowdIn application, you can open the hamburger menu on the very top left, from there you will have access to import/upload tools.

Screenshot 2022-08-07 at 11.31.25

Thanks for the hint

@cedric There was an Android Update today, but without the translation. Why?

Hi @Beli3ver,

Cedric is on well deserved holidays this week. The last release doesn’t contain the translation because it still needs to be proofread first. Thank you for your patience.


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Android 1.10 was released yesterday and it include the German translation.
Let us know how it goes, and thanks again for your contribution.