App Feature: Copy Username & Password with One Touch (like Keepass for Android)

Hi All,
I’m a new user of PassBolt CE.
I’m testing it to replace my keepass DB.

One feature I love from keepass for Android is the possibility to copy in clipboard username and password with just one touch.

When you chose in keepass for android to copy account informations, two notify event was generated (one for username and one for password). Than you can access to this notifies to copy information directly from android notificaton bar. (try it!)

It’s very usefull feature when you must login from severl apps from phone.

With PassBolt for andoid you must login two time, one to get username and one to get password and it’s very “annoing”.


Hi @ka300m

I know this Keepass-for-android feature and will share your feedback with the development team :+1:

With passbolt Android app, you can enable autofill and forms will be filled automatically. Did you give a try ?

Here is how to enable it:

And here is an example with Linkedin:

Passbolt pre-select password for you:

Then you can fill the form:

It is the same behavior with the Linkedin App.

Keepass-for-Android keep the app open in background, we chose to don’t do that with passbolt for increased security.


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Hi _Jc,
I just enabled that feature. Probably it’s very similar to keepass feature.

I’ll give a try.


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