As a potential user, I'd like to have Pop!_OS supported

I use Pop!_OS and do not understand why it is not supported. It is essentially a flavor of Ubuntu, so it is compatible and it works for Devs very well. I’d pay for a working service, but surprised by the blatant unsupported statement for Pop!_OS. Why not?

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Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t Pop!_OS more of a desktop distribution and not so much one used on servers?

Typically with the different packages that are available we go based on what is most in demand and most popular for businesses to be hosting on, Pop!_OS hasn’t been requested much so it hasn’t really been on the radar.

That being said if you are up to it you could try installing via source on Pop!_OS and we’d be happy to hear about your experience with that here.

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On the servers page System76 - Linux Laptops, Desktops, and Servers

They think Ubuntu is the best fit for their server product line.


Hello @talkcw1,

To add to the other answers, I tried to install the passbolt CE Ubuntu package on a Pop!_OS and it worked like a charm for me so if you really want to use this particular OS it seems possible :slight_smile:



Thanks Gerold, how did you get past the third step in the process if I may inquire? When doing that, it basically bombs with "Unfortunately, Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS is not supported :frowning:

My system is an i9-12900K with 64GB RAM, can run many VMs and other tools at once, no issue. Maybe a desktop OS, but I run many server apps as well as I tinker with software all the time.

If all it takes is downloading a DEB file on an Ubuntu VM, that’s okay. Just annoying that it fails on the install with a message like this.

Thanks for any advice on making it work.

Hi @talkcw1 The install script in step 1 on Passbolt Help | Install Passbolt CE on Ubuntu 22.04 could be modified to include your OS on the list of supported OSes before you run it. However, as a reminder: the installation script is for fresh servers and will modify your system with the package install.

From the page:
Please note: It is important that you use a vanilla server with no other services or tools already installed on it. The install scripts could potentially damage any existing data on your server.

If you want to spin up a Pop!_OS VM first to try it that may be a wise approach.

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Yes, this error is expected as we are not officially supporting this OS.

I did install Passbolt the “old way” by doing all the oneliner script does by hand in order to be able to debug easily. If I remember well I just had to use the current GPG key fingerprint for the package (in step 3 or the old doc) that you can easily retrieve from the script you downloaded in Step 1 of the current documentation.

As @garrett mentioned, you could also edit the script downloaded in Step 1 and modify it in order to add Pop!_OS to the list of supported OS.

For our packages and appliances we are targeting popular and server aimed OS and we are testing Passbolt against these OS each time we are publishing a new version of the API.

I understand you find it annoying, but we could turn this in another way : we could start a community oneliner that would be experimental and maintained by people that would like to add new OS support to Passbolt and also “easy” OS support like Pop!_OS that is already supported but not officially.